We got him! The key suspect in the Benghazi bombings and

killing of four US Embassy leaders has been BUSTED!!!!!!!!

(“No arrests!” oooops)

Ahmed Abu Khatallah is in custody & Obama stated that he

will “face the full weight” of American justice. It sounds like

a new show comin’ this fall to FOX followed up by “Lighting

My Farts On Fire”. It has been a year & a half & we ‘got’ him

Now, watch the reality free, lathering, insane, & so hatefully

detached Reich Wing of FOX, Hate Radio, & sitting R’s in a

partisan House spew more non-sense lies trying to spin this

into “big hate” about “Obama really didn’t do this”. Meh it’s

(They’re crazy Joe Davola)

more a sign they offer no policy, law, governance, or help in

any way to rational citizens. And everyone see’s it. After all,

“Well fuck that guy!” isn’t a policy position. It is a ‘deep cry’

for help when you can’t articulate your own ‘views’ because

they’re so gross to publicly say(fuck the poor, gays, latino’s,

immigrants, science, climate change, facts or anyone in our

society who isn’t older, white, & in the top 1%). So, they will

simply just stick with it. It beats the truth that they are hate

(We know)

This next midterm election, and 2016 sinks them finally for

good. Remember to vote!! EVERY election matters because,

if you don’t vote; you get W. Bush and the fucking Tea Party

How did that work our for us again as a country!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Tea Partier Chris McDaniel KKK Donor Ties…

In the “This Shocks No One With A Pulse” category, Tea turd

Loud crazy Tea turd Chris McDaniel has taken about $800 in

(“I love bigots!”)

donations from Carl Ford a former lawyer for Sam Bowers…..

(the imperial wizard of the white knights of the Ku Klux Klan)

You might say, “Well John, tons of shady asshole with terrible

views donate to politicians”. I’d say, “Yeah…..I agree with you,

that shitty asshole donate to politicians all the time”. BUT the

rub here’s McDaniel’s past: he has spoken to gatherings of the

“Sons Of Confederate Veterans” before, made racially charged

comments on his talk radio show (hosted from 2004 to 2007)

(We know)

In fairness, Ford gave to only ONE Democrat….VA-Jim Webb

That is both gross, & wrong IMHO. Webb should be ashamed

If Chris McDaniel’s sounds familiar, he should. He is the guy,

who’s campaign had a blogger break into the mothers nursing

home of his opponent, and then his staffer being locked in the

courthouse where they count the votes for his first primary, &

now this batshitery. What a creepy loser trapped in the 1950’s

Tomorrow: That Right Wing “Muslim Outreach” Is GREAT!!!

Have a day!

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