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Pappy St. Hatricks Day!

March 17th, 2014

Sorry, I’m clearly still drunk from last years events. Liver damage, schimver damage, am I right!?!?! *Johns clutches his side wincing* (that’s green) This weekend in Chicago kicked the ass off a donkey. The river was green, booze was flowing, & “bagpipes” were “blasting our bleeding ears off. We ran into these very cool people […]

What Makes You “Jelly”?

March 14th, 2014

Lots of things make you feel “jealous”/AKA “jelly”. Don’t fear it (“bro” makes it better) Embrace it. Here’s a list of things that might make you “feel” it: -Your dog being able to effortlessly lick their crotch -Selling a house finding out Bon Jovi lives next door -Dancing doing the robot then someone break dances […]

The Republican party has a serious problem. Not just with all the voter demographics, shrinking base, dying base, and detachment (in god we trust?!?) from reality. But now an uncivil war that might just give it a death blow(yes Seinfeld reference intended). Within the big Libertarian faction, they clearly have a massive ‘Neo-Confederate problem’ to […]

Something’s greatly lacking in our media, a sense of independence Today, we have none except on-line. Which is “why” you are HERE (yes) Some others are Buzzfeed, TYT’s, Secular Talk, David Pakman, and Mediate. Even Media Matters(which leans left) is a good to get any news along with RWW for “Comedy”. The reason there’s no […]

Rand Paul won the straw poll, and Ted Cruz came in, “Second” If history shows us anything from this circus tent of insanity it (“Merica, Freedoms”) is, Teddy C will most likely be the TeaOP nominee in 2016. So enjoy your new destiny TeaOP. It looks dumber, more hateful, & as a guy who said, […]

CPAC is a room filled with every F student all screaming, “We’re the best n brightest tea Republicans the entire world has to offer” (“I always lie”) Paul Ryan thinks government school lunches are real bad. Forget that he got SS help as a kid for the ‘lunches’ when his father died Yet that was […]

Poop. Everybody does it. And it’s not pretty at all. I mean sure, you get some nice clean robust poops. bravo! But that’s not the (oh Tom, you cut up) norm. If it’s runny, stress, or maybe food poisoning. If “green”, you had too much grape Gatorade(trust me I know). If it’s tiny pellets, either […]

Benghazi, birth certificate, ‘Merica, Freedoms, less gumberment, lies, ignorance, St. Reagan, & older white racists. CPAC has it all! (sadly true) It’s like a Far Right Wing Hate Porn convention of “shit flinging” insanity. Whoooooooooopie! It was the usual Clown Car chocked full of freaky filthy frothing at the mouth nutty twerks(twit+jerk) Ryan, Paul, Christie, […]

The Issa-Hole Is A Dick…

March 5th, 2014

How can a guy anatomically BOTH be an asshole & a dick?!?! Don’t know, but Republican Darrell Issahole does it perfectly (stupid circus) You know what time it is; it’s the “Darrell Issa Silly Show Fun Time Bullshit Hearings”. That means, you don’t have to listen to others, have facts, or ever follow procedure. The […]

It seems the Russian government won’t admit to doing anything It is like a guy punching a cat, you point out that he is, & then he (That’s a crime-mea) says, “No I’m not hitting a cat. You have no proof”. Putin’s puttin his military right up against protesters. Shit, they even took over Crimea. […]

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