Nick Cannon decided to do something he thought would be

“edgy”, or “cool” to draw attention to his new album called:

(you foron)

“White People Party Music”. This is not the 1st, nor the last

time a black guy has dressed at a white man. Eddie Murphy

did it, Chappelle did it, the Wayne’s did it as two white girls

The difference? They were showing the “societal difference”

using satire and comedy of treatment. Much like that ‘book’

‘Black Like Me’, where a white journalist, dressed as a black

man, made his way through the ‘racist south’ in the late 50’s

It was chilling, sad, odd, funny, wild & a strong commentary

on parts of society at the time. Cannon is just a turd looking


for attention, not realizing what he did. What he actually did

was opposite of black face for white people. Even worse, this

idiotic turd hut, provided cover for “overt racists” to chortle,

“See, they disrespectin’ us!”. Oh, what a little detached, rich,

privileged turd Cannon is. The matter of “race” is best left in

the hands of deft, intelligent people who grasp the gravity of

it. Not this West Coast snot who hasn’t experienced the hate

Immigration Frustration

Democratic leaders want to get “sound immigration reform”

done soon. Republican’s don’t. Gee, so why is that?!?!? Well,

(sad, but true)

Republican’s have no other reason aside from, “We already

have a shrinking electorate dying daily, now all these fuckin’

immigrants will vote Democrat & we simply can’t have that”

Not, “what’s best for the country”, “what does the Statue Of

Liberty Plaque have to say about this?”, or “So what was our

County founded on, a melting pot?!?!? Well, fuck that noise”

All Republican’s will try to black any reasonable reform and

then offer their “solutions” which are ‘Draconian deporting’,

& culling the entire immigration pool to weed out any of the

(solution, build a big fence?)

Democratic voters. They don’t offer “solutions” to help, they

only offer what is good for Republican’s(top 2% & racists) &

fuck everyone else. When a Republican says, “Well, I have a

solution”; bet on it helping no one but THEM & their donors

Always So Unlike Jesus…

A Christan school, kicked out an 8 year old girl, for “dressing

like a boy”. Oh for shits sake. What was the real reason then?

(sweet girl)

“We believe that unless Sunnie as well as her family clearly understand that
God has made her female & her dress & behavior need to follow suit with her
God-ordained identity, that TCS is not the best place for her future education”

The girls name is Sunnie Kahle, & she wears t-shirts, jeans, &

sneakers. Just like most of the little girls all over America. But,

ohhhhhh no, you can’t have that shit. God said NO, remember

when he said that in bible? Oh, so I guess no shell fish, stone a

sinner, can’t mix fabrics, you must own slaves & other shit that

is in the Bible. When they pick n choose their hate, it’s selective

bullying, nothin’ more. Better for Sunnie now she can be happy

Tomorrow: The Koch’s & Big $ Trying To Buy Mid-Terms

Have a day!

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