Senate Goes “Nuclear”…

November 22nd, 2013

Sorry about yesterday; just getting over a bad cold, and I make

no excuses. I was lazy, & playing video games with my brother

(“I push button”)

Anywho, it seems the Congressional Democratic party has just

grown a spine. They decided, “enough with a shitty bratty turd

games”. They went Nuclear on the Republican’s for all the new

court nominations. But why? Ohhh, well because since Obama

took office, 50% of the nominee’s filibustered in the history of

the United States, all happened by Republicans under ‘Obama’

In under 5 years, they have filibustered HALF the nominee’s in

our history. And, of the 23 district court nominee’s filibustered

our history, 20, have been under Obama. Does that sound at all

(yes you did ace)

normal to you? No, it doesn’t to any rational person. Sadly, this

doesn’t apply to legislation: this is only for nominee’s. It seems

the day of, “Knock this fucking silly shit off” has officially come

And it couldn’t happen to a bigger group of lying partisan turds

This is like a loud screaming child getting a time out. My guess

is that they won’t learn a single fucking thing from all this ‘hate’

The ‘TeaOP’ was trying to redo the ’12 elections pretending they

won the election. They fucking didn’t. You lose, good day SIR!!!

Have a weekend!

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