Wal-Marts BS PR “Food Drive”

November 20th, 2013

Everybody loves ‘Wal-Mart’. The older, the grossly overweight, red

necks, people in need of 100LB tub of mayonnaise. Ah, the “people

(Try Unlucky)

of Wal-Mart” are now the employees. So, Wal-Mart decided to do a

“food drive”, for all the under paid workers in the US, which would

be the actual employees of Wal-Mart. It’s a fucking “food drive” for

themselves. Gross is one word; but massively detached, ignorant, or

“mega douchey” are others. Did they place the food drive bins out in

the light of the entire store?!? Nope, why hide the fact it’s going right

(You don’t say…)

to most of “them”. THEY are part of that underpaid, or that working

poor. In fairness, Wal-Mart didn’t set this  up, the workers did. BUT

they publicly tried to spin this as: “This is part of our culture to rally

around associates to take care of them when they face the hardships”

Um, no. It’s like an arsonist putting out tiny fires w/others water by

declaring, “Oh, look, victory!”. Stop making fires, & help goes down

Sorry, still sick. But feeling much better….so I got that going for me

Have a day!

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