Today is Veteran’s day, but everyday really should be. They kick so much

ass, they may as well be UFC fighters. All them, every one. Thank you for

(yes they do)

your service. Now if only our political promises were kept, we would ALL

be happy. But we don’t help our veteran’s enough. Both for physical AND

mental health. There is a shit ton of PTSD from Iraq/Afgan coming home

and each political party should be doing waaaaaaaaay more than they are

The Democratic party seems ready to help, but then fucks things all up in

the “Bureaucracy Part”. The right will scream, “Love America” while with

a little flag, but then gutting the programs ‘behind the scenes’ for tax cuts

(“Gamers Elbow”)

Fair’s fair. My father(Koren War), my brother(Dessert Storm, Iraq, Afgan)

Nephew(Iraq, Afgan) all served proudly. I’m proud of them, always will be

BUT, we better start doing more. After all, like our Elvis sang, “A little less

conversation, a little more action”. Make sure, if you’re running any whore

house, Veteran’s get half off, or one free handjob. It’s just the right thing to

do. For female vets, same applies, or whatever Groupon you want, for free

Kimmel’s And Bad Bits

Jimmy Kimmel is in deep shit. Wait, did I say deep. I meant he’s currently

swimming for the shore of in a sea of poop. He did a bit with little kids who

(“Ohhhh shitballs”)

say silly unscripted stuff for a laugh. It is pretty funny, and it’s called “Kids’

Table”. Well, one of the little pint sized jokesters decided to answer the big

question of “How should the US repay its $1.3 trillion debt to¬† China?” with

this gem: “kill everyone in China” *tugs at collar in uncomfortable fashion*

When a kids key material is genocide, you might want to edit that part out

Since this unfunny “bit”, both Kimmel and ABC have apologized saying, “I

just want to say I am sorry. I apologize……It was certainly not my intent to

upset anyone”. Well, they did, and rightly so. It’s not “funny” to teach kids

(“so kill them, ok”)

hate, or mock it. The parents of the kids are probably mortified. BUT, the

real bad guy isn’t Kimmel, it might be his editors. I’m not really in the PC

police crowd. I like to really let things be, & am a HUGE 1ST amendment

guy. BUT this was tasteless, not funny. Kids saying silly stupid, things are

funny. Kids spewing “let’s just kill X” isn’t funny. It’s sad, odd, and pretty

gross. My honest view is don’t fire Kimmel, he was trying to make people

laugh, & the improv of the fucked up kid made this tasteless. BUT, it was

his emotionless reaction that was equally as bad. His editor really let him


‘eat it’ big on this one. And he does bear some responsibility here. Just a

“Whoaaaaaa, that’s not right” then see what the reaction is to that would

have been much better. Casually agreeing is a key to improv, but in this

case, it’s not “improv” when a kid is saying he wants to commit genocide

It’s a fucked up moment that is pretty shocking no one else reacted to it

Meh, not good, and we shall see what happens as this all unfolds. Weak

Have a Veteran’s day!

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