A-Roids Lacky Lawyer

August 19th, 2013

The Today Show is known for 3 things. A skinny Al Roker, Matt Lauer

being honest to ask for “serious answers”, & back peddling turds being

(Oh shit, you suck)

unable to answer them. So turns out, ‘A-Roids’ lawyer was one of them

His lawyer said he wanted to publicly discuss the evidence he claimed

would exonerate Rodriguez, but that he couldn’t do it without violating

baseball’s confidentiality agreement. Ummm, MLB Vice President Rob

Manfred on Monday “waved” the right & accepted the request. So what

did Rob do? Said he’d “read” the letter, but declined to give the facts on

(a couple of turds)

air. Oooooooooooooooops. Captain dickbags “BS Bluff” was called hard

For his next act, he’ll disappear faster than an ass who clogged a crapper

PS-Totally wrong on my BO predictions. The Butler won big time

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