Juror B37, & Face Of Hate

July 17th, 2013

in the game of “Bigot Bingo”, the final letter appears to be B-37

Seems that Juror B37 didn’t believe that “race” played any roll

(I’d hide too)

in the events in the Zimmerman case. *Record Scratch* HOLY

SHITBALLS. To say race, or profiling had nothing to do with it

would be like saying “No, they don’t serve beer at MLB games”

It shows SUCH a “breathtakingly ignorant” warped world view

This women is so incredibly detached from reality it’s blinding

She was very sympathetic towards Zimmerman’s version of the

events that night, and she thought they were “equally” to blame


To willfully ignore facts & reality to suit your views is “chilling”

One person was following the other, one person had a gun, and

one person is alive while the other is DEAD. The one person is

Zimmerman each time. When asked, “What made Trayvon so

suspicious?”. She said, “Because he was cutting though the back,
it was raining, umm….he (George) said he was looking in houses
as he was walking down the road ummm kinda just not having a
purpose to where he was going. He was stopping & starting…….I
mean that’s Georges rendition of it umm, but I think the situation
where Trayvon got into um, him being late at night, dark at night
raining, and anybody would think that anybody walking down the
road stopping, turning, & looking, if that’s exactly what happened,
is suspicious, and George said he didn’t recognize who he was”

1st off, 7pm at night is not “Late” unless you’re 89 & bedridden

2nd if you’re black in Sanford FLA you can’t “walk home” in the

rain. And if you do, you certainly can’t look back when a “creepy

dude” is totally stalking you making you now fear for your safety

(“Stay in the dark”)

See, because that’s “suspicious behavior”. Yet, when a white guy

does it, it’s “just someone walking to their house”. THAT is the

main issue here. The “Blind Spot” in our vision to NOT see how

that thought, that false idea, that “instant assumption” is wrong

See, not every red-neck is racist, not every black male is a felon,

not every white male is good, & not every women is non-violent

Each person should be judged individually by their own actions

If I take a $100, & wrap it up in 100 different styles of packaging

Everything from ratty newspaper, to a big ornate box, it doesn’t

change the ‘contents’ of that box. Many might reject the gift and

(“Asshole” was taken)

hate the “packaging”. They will never ‘understand’ they contain

the same $100 inside no matter what package it is presented in

They never “Saw” Trayvon as their own son, simply because he

didn’t LOOK like their kid. So they created cognitive dissonance

The fact is, no matter what color, race, or religion it’s someone’s

dead child; try putting yourself in the place of the mother to see

This Shit Makes Me Vomit

Fuck FOX news in the face. They keep pounding a “white power”

drum with the Zimmerman verdict. It is disgustingly evil, and it

(Yeah, like that)

it effects society so greatly in ways that tear us up beyond repair

Listen, racist hate from anyone on this subject matter bugs the

living shit out of me. Just take it down a notch you big assholes

It gets so many ‘hateful people’ to stand up & do bad stupid shit

Dinalynn Andrews Potter jumped on stage during a blues music

set by 73 year-old hall of fame legend Lester Chambers, after he

dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin; she then decided to shove

(you hateful cunt)

him with serious force swearing, “Mother Fucker” and “it’s all

YOUR fault”. Classy lady. Her & Paula Deen are opening a new

restaurant together called “Klu Klux Clams”, offering a stellar

“lynch time menu” w/”hash browns vs the Board of Education”

He suffered a bruised rib muscle, nerve damage, & sore all over

He dedicated Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” to Trayvon

(face of hate)

That’s when “Racist Thundercunt” bum rushed the stage to hit

him knocking him down. Other band members & fans grabbed

her holding her down for a “Citizens Arrest”. She was charged

with suspicion of battery, cited & then released by police. BUT

she could be charged with a ‘hate crime’. Pretty clear shit here

And to knock over a 73 year old peaceful blues man? Bitch…if

you, or assholes like you want a fight. It’s coming. I’d prefer to

(and he forgives her)

go the peaceful route, but I guess that really all comes down to

you & tiny racist fuckers like you who act on the hate, doesn’t it

Society won’t tolerate this racist shit anymore, you can book it

Sorry, tomorrow I’ll do Warren’s new Glass Steagall idea folks

Have a day!

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