RedState’s Erick Erickson is a soggy slippery sad tiny pile of shit

(jowl jewelry)

He is the guy at a party, when the record scratches cause he said

something horrible, stupid, or pulled out his dick & wagged it at

a girl. But now he has even out done himself. Shortly right after

the Texas abortion bill(that Wendy Davis tried to filibuster) was

passed, “Captain Fuckface” decided to ‘tweet’ out this little gem:

(coat hangers?)

Wow, how exciting; mocking the “real effects” of ending most of

abortion rights in Texas (from 42 clinics down to 5) and putting

this law on utterly unconstitutional ground. I fuckin do jokes for

a living, & this isn’t a “joke”, it isn’t “funny”. It only makes him a

creepy, evil, hateful, pro-life conservative TeaOP gutless asshole

Does he kick a cat in the face, & shoot an old lady for an encore?


Ah yes, the old “I’m a hateful lying sack of shit, so it is your fault

you don’t get me” apology. Classy. This guy is not only hateful &

an ‘evil asshole’ mocking the actual effects in denying a women’s

abortion rights; he’s also lying. No one is “Pro-abortion”, & what

he calls a ‘kid killing caucus’. They’re pro-Choice, for the right of

a mother to CHOOSE. But the American Taliban will not let you

(I earned your hate)

choose. Fuck off, you are dumb. And that even goes for any GOP

women who needs this medical choice in a red state. Fuck YOU!

Because after all, only filthy “Liberals” get abortions, right? It is

not a political party now. It’s like an insane “Klan Revival Tent”

Tomorrow: Elizabeth Warren & a new Glass Steagall for banks?

Have a day!

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