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The Man Of “Feel”?!?!

June 14th, 2013

Superman is a cool dude, who “feels” at a much greater level now (True) So it makes him “The Man Of Feel”, and Snyder tried to make him more human. OH, OOOOK, sure. You know, a dude, from another planet, with heat vision, & unlimited super powers, is so….human It will be a very popular […]

George “I Killed A Kid” Zimmerman is going on trial very soon FOX news wants you to know that George is the “Victim” here, (“I’m fat now”) & he gained weight because “Poor Fatty” could not get exercise See, according to FOX Trayvon had a “street attitude”, & was a “thug”. Then Fox placed the […]

I’m back baby! Well, it sure beats being a “baby’s back”, am I right? The ‘NSA wiretapping’ goes directly against what Obama ran on. It (Whooooopsie) goes against shit he has directly said, “I will not do that, it needs to change; I will change it”. Nice words………but his administration is actually doing the EXACT […]

The IRS “scandal” is now coming into focus, & it’s not really a ‘scandal’, it’s the IRS ‘sorta doing their jobs’. But how do I (new calculator) know this? Oh, because 501(c)(4)’s are not allowed to be any PAC’s. They’re supposed to be only for “Social Welfare”. It is literally described by the Internal Revenue […]

National Donut Day…

June 7th, 2013

There has got to be a hole in this somewhere right?!?! Well there is, only specific donut joints will be doin’ it (that’s a place?) -Krispy Kreme -Dunkin’ Donuts -Tim Horton’s(Canada/US Hockey ads baby) -LaMar’s Donuts -Entenmann’s -Anything off the ground Make sure to stock up all day long, and if you want to cheat […]

Chris Christie wants a “special election”. Is that like this sort of new election that should be treated differently? Well? Yes (Yummy) because he could have held it during the ‘regular election’ in November without spending the additional cash. He picked the “October Special Election costing $24 million”. He now set the “Special Election” 3 […]

Happy 4th of July! Unless you’re in Europe, then have a fun Thursday. Make sure not to light any “short wicks”, or you’ll (Steady…) be called “Stubby Fingers” from now on. Rock your 4th, and front load as many hotdogs as your colon can handle. Make sure to not light sticks of dynamite by accident […]

The ‘reason’ the Tea Party is screaming bloody murder on the Hill this week, is because finally someone might listen to them (TeaOP) Then again, most likely not. They’re not a “smart” lot to be sure See, they NEVER NEEDED TO APPLY for a status. They just had to open their doors, and then FILE […]

It seems FOX news these days doesn’t care about being honest Oh wait, that’s EVERY day really. It all has to do with “blatant (Yes, true) lies”. And FOX does love their big blatant ones. NSA(National Security Adviser) Tom Donilon was ‘unfit’ for his position, and he was ‘missing during the night of the attacks’. […]

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