The Man Of “Feel”?!?!

June 14th, 2013

Superman is a cool dude, who “feels” at a much greater level now


So it makes him “The Man Of Feel”, and Snyder tried to make him

more human. OH, OOOOK, sure. You know, a dude, from another

planet, with heat vision, & unlimited super powers, is so….human

It will be a very popular movie this weekend, so go out & watch it

Hey, it’s fathers day weekend, or what we call “Blaming others for

(it does)

your past day” in our Irish family. So buckle up, Blackhawks play

game #2 against the tough, skilled, evenly matched Bruins squad

We are so evenly matched, except for Chara. Shit, that dude’s like

freaking Andre The Giant with hockey skates. He’s a freakish guy

Monday: FOX, & Republican Hypocrisy over NSA wiretapping

Have a weekend!

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