George “I Killed A Kid” Zimmerman is going on trial very soon

FOX news wants you to know that George is the “Victim” here,

(“I’m fat now”)

& he gained weight because “Poor Fatty” could not get exercise

See, according to FOX Trayvon had a “street attitude”, & was a

“thug”. Then Fox placed the final bigoted nail into the “plank of

lying racist hate BS” by saying, “you know, he has already been

punished to some extent”. He FUCKING shot & killed someone


What Fox did was take a position for the white old racist viewer

here. Sad, gross, disgusting, & sadly typical for FOX. They’re all

speeding up their political & economic demise, & it’s so very sad

Then again, it couldn’t happen to a bigger cadre of “Assgoblins”

TeaOP Hates Immigrants, They Vote Blue

Speaking of really BIG stupid xenophobia “biting you in the ass”

(“Fuckoff Mexican’s” too much?)

Just ask old Michelle “Nuttier Than A Squirrel Turd” Bachmann

“We will never again, have a Republican president, ever, if amnesty
goes into effect, you’ll have a permanent Liberal Progressive class”

For once I agree with nutty. Let’s hope we have the next 40 years

in the hands of progressives to bring our country into the modern

fucking world. See, the TeaOP keeps wondering why immigrants

(the last cries)

don’t vote for them, when they hate them & don’t want them ever

to vote. Shocker!!! Translation: “We can’t let people´╗┐ who disagree

with us into the country, or we can’t get re-elected! It is not fair!”

So much fail & dumb all in one party that is dying off like a virus

Blackhawks epic game 1 win in triple OT was amazing, it rocked

Tomorrow: TeaOP hypocrisy over the NSA wiretapping events

Have a day!

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