FOX noise & the rabid lunatic gun owners have lost their shit

In fairness, they never had much to lose. So when they lose it

(here, your fingers are tiny)

it is really more a “mega big bullshit mountain hate spewing”

Jim Carrey did a Funnyordie piece skewering the hyper loony

gun tooting crazies perfectly here. It starts out as a Hee-Haw

parody perfectly struck. Then does a song by Lonesome Earl

And The Clutterbusters called “Cold Dead Hand”. He also is

(the devil)

Charlton Heston on the side freaking out. It’s about gun nuts

having tiny shooters. And it has scored a “direct hit” on FOX

They FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. But Greg Gutfeld blurted, “He

is probably the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth, and

I hope his career is dead, & I hope he ends up sleeping in a car

the way his life began”, adding, “he’s a dirty stinking coward”

(we are idiots)

Laura Ingram adds, “he hasn’t been funny since the Truman

Show”. Yes, forget it wasn’t even a comedy, & he’s been in big

box office gold like Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, and also in the

new Burt Wonderstone flick and the upcoming Kick Ass 2 film

Gutfeld wasn’t done just yet, he also said, “he’s a modern bigot”

adding, “he’s a dirty stinking coward…& such a little sad freak”

(damn dirty grapes!)

Wow, I guess Greg Gutfeld just admitted to the public he has a

tiny little penis. Otherwise why get so angry at simple satire?!

Because they deep down know it’s true. Not penis size, but in a

core insecurity that some gun owners clearly have. Satire hurts

most when it’s true. Both FOX, & most mentally unhinged gun

nuts have totally lost their shit, which means he hit a bullseye

(satire direct hit!)

Said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m very pro-gun. But I’m not for

letting clinically insane folks with mental issues being allowed

to stockpile/own/shoot as many assault weapons as they’d like

Call me crazy, but that is a recipe for “mass murder shootings”

Fact: 92% of all American’s want universal background checks

but to hyper insane nutters, they won’t have a rational debate

(looks good)

They’ll scream, “Odumber is taking our guns” & ignore reality

Meh, they’re doing more to hurt their views the more they yell

Have a day!

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