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This was a gloves off, knock down, stand-off-almost slap flight Never seen a debate like this my entire life. It was serious shit Obama won the debate with facts, Mitt lost with zero specifics (“gonna beat his ass”) Mitt was “selling”, not “telling”. That just won’t make the case Mittens also had a large Libya […]

Tonight’s the night! When Disney will offer on-line 3-D hand jobs Oh, & also there’s something going on called a presidential debate (Whoo hooo!) or something like that. I say “something like that” because it’s this “town hall style” debate they always do. Which ends up being one big campaign infomercial for both sides rather […]

Pizza “The” Hut decided to inject itself into the presidential race (“We get free pizza?”) by offering $15,600 or a free pizza once a week for 30 years. But what did they have to do? Pose the question to Obama or Mitt of what meat they put on their “a-pizza-pie”. Sausage or pepperoni Turns out […]

The word of the day is “Malarky”. It means “Boloney” or “Bullshit” Everyone who saw the debate last night watched Biden walk down (“Your toast kid”) lie, after lie, after lie, after lie. He also hammered Ryan on specifics Ryan looked way over his head. Drank his water often, & he seemed taken aback that […]

Biden makes gaffes from time to time. And he likes bikers because he’s one crazy ass tough dude? No, because he is (jacket says “Troll”) an older guy with hair plugs looking for votes anywhere he can get them. Even if that means pissing off their “old man” Pretty simple stuff here. Biden is not […]

Obama’s campaign decided to hit Mitt where it didn’t count His “Big Bird” cut from debate #1. Really? No, fucking really? (It’s true!) Sure it’s true, & stupid. But there are much better things there Like his new massively changing positions that do not square with reality, a $716 billion Medicare lie, or that he […]

It’s “Honey Boob Boob”

October 9th, 2012

Trisha Paytas(YouTuber/model/actress), shared her voting views “She, like, um, totally loves Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan, like, cause (So do we lady) he’s super hot or like whatever & stuff”. She gave no cogent reason, policy, ideas, or specific facts to vote Mittens aside from these gems: “We haven’t really had a hot president since […]

Columbus Had A 20 Inch…

October 8th, 2012

Pet bird. Why, what did you think I was going to type? Ship? Why that’d be so silly, & one of the tiniest ships in the history (Wrong Columbus, it’s in OH) of forever. Today is Columbus day, that means it is all about parades ahoy! Celebrate the spirit of Christopher Columbus, so go discover […]

Mitt won the debate last night. Not a knock out punch, or even big he won because he didn’t shit himself, fall off the stage, or explode (“To the death!”) His expectation were lower than a kid who just got their cell taken Obama did this “thing” where he smiled & nodded when Mitt was […]

It’s on tonight. All the hype, all the insane speculating, all the Bullshit All the majesty of watching a wealthy prick yell at the Black president (Check, what else you got?) Now on to the real important stuff about the debate. Drinking game: Everytime Mitt laughs-drink once, when Obama points his finger it’s two drinks, […]

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