Avengers writer & director Joss Whedon just released this epic

Mitt clip that you have to see. But if you can’t wait, read it here:

(“Oh, hi there!”)

“Like a lot of liberal Americans, I was excited when Barack Obama
took office four years ago,” Whedon says. “But it’s a very different
world now. And Mitt Romney’s a very different candidate, one with
the vision & determination to cut through businesses’ usual politics
& finally put this country back on the path to the zombie apocalypse”

Nice! Very very very nice. Funny, & sadly true. Stock up on those

canned goods for Zombie Apocalypse now. When the Zombies hit

a strongly Republican district, they’ll keep shuffling along saying,

(Good luck!)

“Brains! I still need the brains!!”. It’s pretty simple here. Joss laid

out all the economic & social issues with Mittens very clearly. It’s

pretty bad just using Mittens many many crazy political positions

Meh, it’s 7 days until the election. For fucks sake, let’s just get this

goddamn thing over with already; or make them fight to the death

Sandy Sucks It All Away!

It turns out, Sandy hit harder than a boxer with a horse shoe in

his glove. All our thoughts are on the upper East Coast. Be safe,


know we’re here & you will rebuild it all. Brick by brick, my son

Sandy hammered Jersey & New York really really badly. It will

take time to get electricity back. But it will. The sky will clear &

everyone will start to pick up the pieces. It will all come back &

it’ll all be back to normal over time. But, make no mistake, this

shit was BAD. It leveled the entire coast. Hopefully the people

(Get “Crane Viagra”)

there will be able to start going back to their regular lives very

soon. That storm was like a drunk uncle getting up for a toast

at the wedding, telling everyone his sister, the bride, is a total

whore” dropping F-Bombs. People are shocked, & really upset

But eventually we get back to the event, & call the uncle a dick

Have a day!

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