Burnt Meatloaf, & Halloweenis!

October 26th, 2012

Obama got Colin Powell, & Mitt got Meat Loaf; pretty fair trade

(It’s Bitch Tits)

Remember Mitt, he’d do anything for love, but voting for you??

Oh, he won’t do that. He’s clearly Trumps “lil'” Bitch. It’s nice to

have racial assholes in your corner. Speaking of racial asshole’s,

Mitt’s #1 campaign spokes thing John “Archie Bunker” Sununu

thinks Colin Powell only endorsed Obama because they’re both

(“I’m a racist prick”)

“black” which implies he’s a racist. Classy! Forget no one said a

thing about “W. Bush” or McCain endorsing Mitt. He said this:

“Frankly, when you take a look at Colin Powell, you
have to look at whether that’s an endorsement based
on issues or he’s got a slightly different reason for
endorsing President Obama…well, I think when you
have somebody of your own race, that you’re proud
of being President of the United States, I applaud
Colin for standing with him”

Ohhh for shits sake buddy. What’s with the fucking bad racism?

Because that’s their “home stretch” pitch: “Pssssssst, he’s black”

Pssssst, we know. He’s been at the job now 3 3/4 years assholes

Whatever you’re seeing in national polls, watch it all change on

a dime, because Nate Silver has the race going 76% to Obama &

growing. Any single proMitt or proObama poll is just an outlier,

(Didn’t get you)

not the norm of that state. Oh, he also has the big swing states all

breaking for Obama: Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, & now New

Hampshire. It’s just not as tight as media would have you think,

but they have to sell ads, & kill 23 hours & 55 minutes with crazy

stories like “why will a tie lead to Mitt and VP Biden”, or “Should

Mitt throw Obama’s stuff out on the lawn?”, or “Let’s say no one

votes at all?”. Sorry to spoil it now, but unless something really

crazy happens, this race is over. Just remember one thing: vote

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

It’s that time of year when ghouls, demons, & the living dead all

are out in full force. They call it election season for Republican’s

(Paper Man?)

Here’s a list of really really really shit-bad Halloween costumes:

-Staple Man(carry around a stapler shooting it at people)
-Human Tampon
-Go as yourself
-Shower Repair Man
-Angry drunk Man/Women
-Sexy Septic Tank Cleaner
-Window Cleaner
-Blind Juggler
-Port-O-Potty Rapist
-A Kleptomaniac with Tourette’s
-An Olympic Figure Skating Coach

So this Halloweenis remember when someone asks you, “Trick


or treat”, you say “Scotch!”. Hey, that’s good advice, just sayin’…

Have a weekend!

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