Ben Stein vs Fart & Friends

October 19th, 2012

Mr. Ben Stein was on FOX and Friends. He gave them basic

historic economic facts. Those did not sit well with them and


they looked just like a dog when you stick a hair dryer in their

face. You have to correct the fact-free shallow non-economic

minds of turds. Here is exactly what he said on air yesterday

“I hate to say this on FOX, & I hope I’ll be allowed to leave here
alive, but I do not think there is any way we can cut spending
enough to make a meaningful difference. We are going to have
to raise taxes on very very rich people. People with incomes of
say 2, 3, 4 million a year & up…there is no clear evidence of the
levels of taxation and the level of economic activity. The biggest
growth and prosperity we’ve ever had in this country was from
roughly 1941-1973. Best years we have ever had, and those were
years of much much higher taxes during war-time & peace-time
so the economy can grow very very fast even with higher taxes”

BOOM! BAM! OVER! The “Three Cheerleaders” looked stunned

Ben is the exact conservative that should be running their entire

party today. Not the Tea Turds. TeaOP is these 3 know nothings

They were lost not understanding basic economic taxation facts

It was priceless to see their faces pleading with, “But, but, but,”

(Hard hitting news)

Said it here over & over & over. Taxes must go up on the top 3%

Historically that’s when we do the best as a country. It’s just an

economic fact. But if you introduce “facts” to “Fart & Fiends”, it

tends to send dipshits towing a lie into a full blown panic mode

Know this about the election: we were here before in 1936, & if

we pick Mittens, you just shunned FDR’s 2nd term. Now, I am

not saying Obama is FDR. He’s more FDR Lite, & even the guy

he was going against, Alf Landon, governor of Kansas, was just

running a milder version of FDR. He was not running “Hoover


& W. Bush on steroids” or anything batshitcrazy like Mitt. Just

think about that. History’s there so we don’t step into the same

pile of dog shit twice. It also points the way when we did great

things, not turning back when moving forward on the right path

Pick Mitt if you like, but know it’s for the Plutocratic tax cuts of

the top 3% all at the expense of the entire country as we know it

Neo: you can take the blue pill and stay in the Matrix, or take the

red pill & live in reality. Ironically they’re really opposite the real

political party colors, but it gives you the basic gist, now choose

Monday: Tea Turd Joe Walsh goes down in flames at debate

Have a weekend!

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