Obama’s campaign decided to hit Mitt where it didn’t count

His “Big Bird” cut from debate #1. Really? No, fucking really?

(It’s true!)

Sure it’s true, & stupid. But there are much better things there

Like his new massively changing positions that do not square

with reality, a $716 billion Medicare lie, or that he hasn’t told


Maybe hit him on his lack of facts, specifics, or his idea to take


Medicare making it a voucher plan. His tax “idea” with cuts for

the top 3% with no way to pay for it all. I say “idea” because he

has offered nothing specific ever yet. In fact, he offers NO plan

Can you name a single concrete PLAN? I can not as of this post

Just, “What Obama’s doing sucks, & I got a better untold plan”

(Only $22 million?)

THAT is a big problem. BUT if the Obama campaign wants to

play “Big Bird” they will lose this election. I don’t think that’s

gonna happen. It’s not time to panic, since Mitt’s only big job

was not shitting himself or falling off the stage. Debate #2 will

be very hard to win. The bar has been raised for Mittens, and

he’s shown each time, he folds like a coked-up origami expert

(“I win only 1!”)

Debate 1 wasn’t that great. Taking big swipes at the POTUS is

a tactic to win 1 debate; BUT you must offer substance, policy,

& gravitas to carry the other two. He doesn’t have those today

And IMHO, he raised his bar way too soon, and will lose badly

See the main difference between parties is this. Progressives

(Strip for debate #2?)

all said Obama lost the debate. It’s all about the facts, impartial

reality, & accepting it. The GOP would’ve said “Mitt WON!!!!!!”

even if he didn’t. THAT’S a big difference between insane FOX

Republican’s, & the rest of the world. Not that they’ll ever care

Douches Of The Week!

Rick Santelli & Jack Welch are the big “Douches Of The Week”

The unemployment rate is now 7.8% from the BLS. But that’s

(“this much sanity left”)

sending all the Republican’s into conspiracy contortions never

before seen. See, when polls or facts or statistics SUPPORT the

views of the far right, they are “real”. When they don’t, they are

“fake” or “cooked”, or “a lie”. See how that all works? It’s all the

simple “insane nutty” shit they live for in their alternate world

Oh, so now the BLS is “lying”? Right! You old farts are Nixon II

(“I’m a loud lying idiot”)

Today’s Republican party has a serious “reality” problem. They

don’t live on the same planet as the rest of rational society. See

they live in a magical place called, “Bullshit Fantasy Projection

Land So Reality Isn’t Allowed To Ever Fix Our Partisan Views”

It’s not that hard to see anymore. These dopes are nucking futs

And they’re destroying an already badly weakened party. Good

The Hulkster’s Wang

It sounds like a new “Chinese restaurant”, or mountain bike trail

Things you don’t need to see: elderly people fucking, babies arm

(current world champ)

wrestling for drugs,  & Hulk Hogan’s penis pump. Sadly there’s a

video out where you get to see #3. Takes the term “pile driver” to

a whole new level. But Pro-Wrestlers seemed so stable & normal

*John now rolls his eyes and waves hands in sarcastic motion*

According to the Hulkster “I was in a very dark place then”. Um,

(Wrong sex tape)

yeah, also a very loose “wet” place buddy. Meh, it’s not like we all

look at Hulk as a model citizen. I do not judge, cause I don’t care

Reality shows will do this to you. Cause you to think you’re some

body special, when you’re really just a talentless turd hanging on

life support looking for that “last quick fame shot”. No, it’s all sad

Tomorrow: VP Debate pre-game, it’s ON like Donkey Kong

Have a day!

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