Mitt won the debate last night. Not a knock out punch, or even big

he won because he didn’t shit himself, fall off the stage, or explode

(“To the death!”)

His expectation were lower than a kid who just got their cell taken

Obama did this “thing” where he smiled & nodded when Mitt was

talking that drove me up a fucking wall. It was a horrible “optics”

debate for Obama. Mitt had nothing to lose. He just chucked shit

against the wall, & sadly Obama let some of it stick. But with Mitt

(What’s so f’ing funny?)

here’s the crazy part: HE SAID NOTHING SPECIFIC. NOTHING

Go back over the entire debate. Everything for Mitt was “His plan

sucks. I’ve my OWN plan, but I’m not gonna tell you about it until

after the election. Vote Mitt!”. It’s surreal. It was all flash, quips, &

style with zero substance. Mitt kept in his “$716 billion” Medicare

cut lie. Obama saying “there is no difference between their Social

(Hand laser judo!)

Security plans” was insane. Obama seemed lost, or like a winning

football team doin’ 3 straight runs. But you gotta get a fucking 1st

down dude. Meh, debate #2 better be Obama’s A game or Mitt will

gain more traction & put up a hail Mary, “Obama’s an illegal alien

Alien” BS lie. I’ll be on vacation until Monday, so remember this…

Never play leap frog with a unicorn. Hey!……….That’s good advice

Have a day!

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