It’s on tonight. All the hype, all the insane speculating, all the Bullshit

All the majesty of watching a wealthy prick yell at the Black president

(Check, what else you got?)

Now on to the real important stuff about the debate. Drinking game:

Everytime Mitt laughs-drink once, when Obama points his finger it’s

two drinks, when Mitt brings up a racial issue basically calling him a

“N-word”, do a shot. When Obama says “that’s just not true” it’s two

shots. When Mitt is acting “fake” it is three drinks, and when Obama

(“I’m the rich version of you”)

fake writes, 5 drinks. Mitt will try to imply “Obama’s a welfare queen,

food stamp president”, where Obama will paint Mitt as a out of touch

douchebag that doesn’t care about you”. Only one is true, try to guess

My prediction: if someone doesn’t shit themselves or fuck the podium

each side will use insane hyperbole to claim “IT was a game changer”

(Hey look!)

No, the bottom line is a simple choice between two people who think

two totally different ways to help America get back on it’s feet. One is

from the “Go fuck yourself” camp. The other, “we’re all in it together”

Pretty clear choice, no fuss no muss. The only thing you can count on

for sure is a moment when Mitt tries a joke & falls flat like a fat kid on

ice skates. My Obama over/under predictions for “look” is around 29

The “Obama Tape” Desperation Doucheoff

FOX has really lost their shit, and that tells me more about this race

than anything. The 24-7 ass kissing GOP campaign machine known

(I’m a douche)

as FOX is reeling badly. They have now hired Tucker Carlson to bring

up a 2007 tape of Obama speaking. Tucker Carlson is now reporting,

on shit that Tucker Carlson already REPORTED on in 2007. Ha, it’s

bad weaksauce hateful shit I told you was coming, & you knew it was

It’s the “Rev Wright” shit all over again, & it’ll get worse because they

have nothing to run on. Sean Hannity decided to do big-time mouth

(Sean’s tweets)

frothing over this non-story that was already covered. But u ask me

why would they do that? Because FOX, Hannity, O’Reilly,& the high

school cheerleader team with two morons morning crew all lack the

basic gravitas to understand complex issues, so they must create this

world of hate & lies to support their unpopular world views. Simple

shit we’re all seeing here. It’s laughably sad, but know it’ll get worse

Have a day!

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