Paul Ryan was on the Sunday shows speaking with FOX to chat

FOX news Chris Wallace did something interesting. He tried the

(“Liberal FOX bias!”)

field of journalism. It was fun to watch. Wait, did I said “fun”? I

meant “funny”. When confronted with the fact they are losing he

was clear. Paul Ryan said, “We’re going to win this race”. Really?

OK, then start “winning”. Oh, & to boot Paul Ryan does not have

the “TIME” to explain in detail their budget proposal on tax cuts

Chris Wallace tried to ask him 3 times “how much will it cost??”

(Deep pockets)

His response is “BS Jackpot Gold”. He said, “Look, I won’t get in

to a baseline argument with you cause that’s what this is all about”

Chris Wallace pressed, “You have not given me the math”. Then it

hit. Ryan said, “No, but you well, ahh don’t have the time. It would

take me to long to go through all the math”. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit

Your answer is “I don’t have the time”. No no no no no nooo. Your

(Yes, this shit again)

real answer is “I don’t want to tell you our solution, because when

we say that our plan is to give higher tax breaks for the top 3% and

then have the poor & middle class pay for it all”; that will kill your

already slim hopes. It’s over. Fork, done. The assholes get scred

Media Debate Coverage “Debatable”

The media is trying to sell ad time for the debate. Period. They’re

talking about it as if prior debates are important. Well yeah, they

(La la la la la la)

do serve a purpose, but times are different now. They are all still

pretending that Mitt WON the debates. He did not, everyone else

LOST the debates badly & Mitt was the last “thing” standing. The

whole event was like a fucking clown car that swerved off the road

& hit a tree killing everyone inside EXCEPT Mitt. THAT’S how he

(Damn goofy)

won. Not policy, skill, visionary ideas, or the ability to work with

others. Just, “Hey, check it out! I’m the shinniest turd that didn’t

get flushed!”. Obama’s past debates were a guy “running” for the

office of president. Now he actually IS president. So he has some

thing to sort of run on. Obama is one of the luckiest SOB’s on the

(Fucky-fucking lucky)

planet. With everything the way it is economically, & all the wars

he should be sweating hard. But guess what? The biggest reason

he isn’t is two words: Mitt Romney. Unless he can legally change

his name to Dash McCool or Peter Nicely in 24 hours, it all over

The Master Debaters take center stage tomorrow, so buckle up

Have a day!

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