Dick Morris “Knows Stuff”

October 1st, 2012

When you shock FOX’s Sean Hannity with a batshitcrazy statement

you’ve done some virtuoso amazing bullshit right there. I mean, you

(I’m a douche)

got Sean “Fuck Obama No Matter What” Hannity, to pull back. That

takes some serious doing. But what did Harvey Fierstein Jr. say?!?!?

“I believe if the election were held today, Romney would win by 4 or
5 points. I believe he would carry Florida, Ohio, Virgina, I believe he
would carry Nevada, I believe he would carry Pennsylvania” *breath*

Hannity: “Ohhhhh come on!”

“And I believe he would be competitive in Michigan, I just saw a poll
in Pennsylvania by a group that I’ve hired in the past & I trust their
polling…..2 points behind. The polling this year is the worst it’s ever
been…the models these folks(all the pollsters) are using are crazy”

He went on: “I believe he will cure cancer, shit gold bars & fly away”

separated at birth 

Well, one’s things for sure, Dick would know crazy, since he’s living

at “Wacko Lane”, in “Nutsoville”. Polls shift, change, and move. But

not historically at this point of a presidential election cycle. It’d take

a major event or fuck up by either candidate to do it now. Well we’ve

got the debates coming up, 1st one is Wednesday. Good luck Mittens

(Buckle up)

you’re gonna need it. Unless you are speaking with Republican Chris

Christe who says, “Come Thursday morning, the entire narrative of

this race will change” adding, “we have a candidate who will win on

Wednesday”. He continued, “Wednesday night is the restart of this

campaign”. Ah yes, “reboot #9”. Ok, no pressure Mittens. The main

(“The Hoagie was this big”)

problem here is Republican’s are running against this massive false

caricature of Obama thinking they’re going against Carter Jr.. No, &

you’re going to find that out on Wednesday. Zingers, quips, or little

one liners are no substitute for telling America your specific policy

The bottom line here: since you don’t have any policy, you’re fucked

The Bears On MNF Baby!

Yeah, I know, we are actually pretty decent on Monday nights under

Lovie Smith. We’re I think I want to say, 4-1 on Monday nights with

Cutler. Come one boys, please be the 4 win Bears, & don’t be the one

(Hit good, miss bad)

loss Bears. Beside, Bears are big & can maul you, but Cowboys, they

get guns. I just calling that pretty unfair. Just sayin’. To add insulin

to diabetic injury, I have Marshall going tonight in Fantasy football

Once he finds this out from his friends, he’ll intentionally drop the

(Yes to all)

every single ball on purpose. I’m a shitty FF owner, what can I say?

Have a day!

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