Laborless Day, Drunk Delegates

September 3rd, 2012

Thank a union worker today. You all got it off because of them. Oh,

and your 10 year old isn’t working today because of them. Oh, and

(Wait, now what?)

the “weekends” thing, or safe working conditions. Two delegates

from Florida got hammered on Saturday, & while shitfaced, they

thought “I’ll impersonate a congressman”. Meh, guess when you’re

totally incoherent, stupid, & drunk, the 1st job that comes to mind

is “congressman”. The delegate was asked to leave. This week we’ll

(“hand clutch” or hi-5?)

see the Democrats in all their “Obama tongue bath” glory. It’ll be

about presentation, showing a clear path forward to voters, and of

course pictures of Bill Clinton jerking off in over 300 hotels alone

No, I kid, I joke. It should be all about one thing. Tell the country

exactly what you plan on doing if Republican’s ever fucking let ya

(No, no f-ing way”)

See, the Republican National Convention was an odd event. It was

like they all just forgot 2000-2008. Those years don’t exist. We all

just woke up one day, suddenly at war, all with the economy in the

shitter, & this black guy magically snuck into the White House on

accident. They had more amnesia saying shit like, “I was hoping


for Obama to succeed, but he just hasn’t”. Bull-fucking-shit you

lying dickholes. The Republican minority leader from DAY ONE

has said, “Our number 1 goal is to make president Obama a one

term president”. Not, “help American’s get jobs”, not “let us all

now work together to rebuild this country”, not “we fucked this

(A birth canal?)

entire economy up, so let’s all just work to make it much better”

Nope, all I heard was “this fucking idiot teleprompter Kenyan

ruined EVERYTHING, & must go now”. That’s it. No solutions,

no ideas, no help. Honestly, fuck all those hateful idiots. We as

a country will all now move forward together. Ah, hopefully the

(A score board?)

kicking donkey’s can convey a positive message for us all to now

do just that, keep cleaning up our country, and get our economy

healthy-n-cranking out even more jobs. If not, it’s Mitt Witt, and

ask any economist what “let’s give more tax cuts to the top 3%”

means to the rest of America. It means, “welcome to the newest

great depression” where instead of breadlines, they’ll only give


you “free wifi” in “hot spots”. Bad news, you need a smart phone

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan is now dead at the age of 54. RIP

Have a Laborless Day!

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