On the stump on Friday Mitt decided to make another play for racists

(“I’ma niiiiiice”)

It is not like he didn’t already have that vote pretty locked up already:

“Now I love being home in this place where Ann & I were raised…no
one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate……………..they know that
this is the place where we were born and raised” *cue loud cheers*

Mitt said it was just a “joke”. He was being “human” & “spontaneous”

Oh, it’s a “joke” to pander to racists who’ll be voting for him. Hilarious

(You heard me)

Wow, what a fucking farty bigoted douche nozzle. Trump’s a “birther”

BTW-Trump said the #1 thing on his Bucket List was getting Romney

elected president. His #2 list item is figuring out what genus of Hyena

rests atop his dome. Hopefully #3 is nice cause 1 & 2 ain’t happening

Mitt didn’t distance himself & Trump’s one of his bigger donors. He’s

(It should be lower)

going for broke with the “poor discriminated against suburban white

guy syndrome” angle. Don’t know what your experience has been, but

it is pretty fucking great being white. They automatically assume I’m

not guilty. I get friendly service, good job chances, & people aren’t all

that scared of me at night if I approach them. Speaking reaping what

(Reality slap)

you sow, Hurricane Akin, I mean Isaac, is still churning in the gulf &

cut down all the outdoor events for today. Tomorrow they got the new

“Reagan Jack-off booths”, & photoshop yourself next to Nixon shaking

hands. It’ll be such an awesome convention. But they got no solutions

aside from “tax cuts”, & “limited government”. And forget the fact that


every time Republicans get into office, they EXPAND government &

spending. Historically, Republican’s in the last 40 years have always

created DEFICITS, & Democrats have handed over a surplus. When

they say “limited government” they mean for “shit we don’t like”. It’s

for stuff like helping the poor, middle class, teachers, average citizens

(Ahhh yes I remember)

If it’s for controlling women’s reproductive rights, enforcing religious

dogma into our lives, starting wars, spying on it’s citizens, using it to

give tax cuts to the top 3% at the expense of all the people who need

those programs they cut to give it to em, & deregulating every market

possible to let Capitalism run free, then “gumberment’s AWESOME”!


Hope they have a fun convention this year. Some big names will be off

the list this year: Bush II, Cheney, Palin, Cain, Bachmann, and Perry

But WHY? Oh, because for a national election you’d like to keep all the

crazy under wraps when trying to appeal to normal fucking voters. As

if that’s a realistic option in today’s GOP party any longer. Face it folks

(Go away for a while)

the crazies ARE the entire party today. The whacko’s are your big base

But your loud insane cousins are pissed at you for ignoring them. Can

you blame em? You used them to win the house, now you don’t know

they exist. If you make a big monster, it always comes back to bite you

Have a day!

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