Three things: Trayvon Martin shooting targets, Joe Arpaio, & Bristol Palin

What do they all have in common? All are dumber than a sack of hammers

(Skittles & ice tea? WTF!)

Hateful disgusting racist fuckwits decided to make a sick target of Trayvon

The good news, people who support this horrible thing are big racist turds

The better news is they’re looking for a war. But they’ve already lost cause

(Yes indeed)

We’re IN one. We have Seal Team 6, their side has Ted Nugent. Bring it on

Truck nuts! Speaking of racist assmuchers, bigot boy Joe Arpaio from AZ

Is in deep shit. The Justice Department has filed a big law suit against him

For his avid abuse, harassment, & violence against the Latino community


Charming fella. How about the time where a 5 month pregnant women…

Was followed by police officers into her drive way. They were questioning

Her & told her to sit on the hood of the car. She refused to do so, so one of

The nice cops shoved her hard against the car, three time, fetus first. Nice

She is an American citizen here legally. Joe thinks he’s “Just doin my job”

(Oh nice)

Well his “job” consists of him thinking in an 08 book that Latino’s are just

Trying to “reconquest” American soil through migration into America. Oh

And finally, those in shattered glass houses should shut their damn pie hut

Bristol Palin decided to lecture the President about marriage. Wow, that’s

(Ha ha ha ha ha)

Like a convicted rapist lecturing someone about sexual harassment. Ugh

It’s nice to know her ignorant hate is only rivaled by her mom. Holy huge

Hypocrisy Batman! A teenaged unwed mother an expert on Family? Haha

When Jersey Shore’s JWOWW intellectually rips you, you lost damn bad

(Smarter than her?)

“If you’re living in the past you wouldn’t have a kid without marriage……

Hypocrite. It’s 2012! Stop hating people”. Wow, I mean JWOWW. Oh well

I’m actually a moron for even commenting on it all. Because in the end no

One really cares what Bristol Palin thinks. Cause it’s clear that she doesn’t

Tomorrow: Scott Walker steps in big pile of dog shit & tells the truth

Have a day!

12 Responses to “Racists, & Racists, & Hypcrisy Oh My!”

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