Happy Halloweenis!

October 31st, 2011

It’s that time of year where every girl dresses up sexy

(My batpants got tighter)

As a sexy firefighter, or sexy nurse, or sexy cop

But here are a few costumes you won’t see “sexyized”:

(Us as Like & Unlike buttons)

“Sexy IRS auditor”, “Sexy STD”, & “Sexy Septic Tank Cleaner”

Hot Harassment In 30 minutes Or Less

Would you like some sausage on that harassment?

Turns out Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment


While he was president & CEO of the of the NRA from 1996-mid 99

Wait a second, settle down, it’s the National Restaurant Association

Not the guns ones. POLITICO learned of the allegations against him

(I only harass this much)

Two female employees complained to colleagues & senior association

Officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain. Read it here

But they settled it of court for a cash amount & can’t disclose details

(Pay your troubles away)

A questioned Cain said “I was falsely accused” & charges “totally false”

Then said “charges were dropped” & “I am unaware of any settlement”

Really? No, really? Of course he never harassed them…ever

You always settle with folks making them sign a non-disclosure paper

For no fucking reason, when nothing happened. Common knowledge

When you “settle” with a $ amount; you “payed your way out” of a suit

I’d love to know the amount. Bet it’s in the 1 million range or so

It’ll all come out. It always does. But these dumbfucks never learn

He’s going down faster than a fat kid on ice skates

Have a scare-free day!

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