Stay Classy GOP FOX Tea Party!

October 21st, 2011

Our work in Libya with NATO & our excellent allies was good

We aided Libyan people continue their freedom quest they started

(We are free!)

They did it, but our allies & us seemed to scratch a big name out

No banners, no landing on a carrier, no parade; just hard work

But to hear the GOP Tea Party FOX noise spin machine tell it


They must clearly live in batshitinsane bizarro world

“Obama deserves no credit on this or on anything. Nor ever will”

Republicans John McCain, Chuck Grassley, & Mark Rubio all said:

“Credit where credit is due…to the British & French leadership!”

(It’s a move)

If Obama cured cancer, they’d say, “Yeah, but now we lost all those

heart touching Oscar tear jerker films about people dying from it.

This movie hating evil guy fucking ruins everything that’s good”

It’s foreign policy they publicly love. A bad dictator was removed

(Nice, rock horns!)

Done by themselves w/o a single US causality or a big price(1 billion)

Jesus tap dancing Christ what the fuck is wrong with these people?

It’s like the GOP openly asking Obama give em 1 million in cash

(Cough it up bitch)

He delivers it directly to them, before due, in a leather briefcase

And they shout, “Shit balls, it’s not green enough!

You stupid fart hole. Oh we’ll still keep it, but you suck!”

It’s obvious the GOP isn’t even a real political party anymore

(Good question)

No credible party only represents 3% of our country

While openly creating policy directly against the other 97%

Maybe a really cool 3rd party sprouts up like the “Cocktail Party”

Or the the “Dance Party”, or the “Rational Factual Reality Party”

I’ll leave you with this historical gem:

“If Republicans’ll stop telling lies about the Democrats, we’ll stop
telling the truth about them” – Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965)

Have a weekend!

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