OWS protests were all over the globe this past weekend

(Crowd surfing)

They want Wall Street, banks, & all political campaign $ to be regulated

But what’s wrong with that you might ask?

Well, for one thing chronic lying cheaters don’t like to have their tools taken

(Ah, the ol’ Exxon flag)

OWS was renamed “Stupid Smelly Socialist Hippies Need A Shower” by FOX news

Oh, & all the cops decided to set their “hippie sticks” to “60’s style skull cracking”

I love how the Tea Party calls these protests “Unamerican”, “Commie” “Creeps”

(Oh shit, Canadian hippies!)

But their “Liberty Freedom Patriot lovefests” were the height of honor

They only have personal insults, hate, and lies left in the tank

Won’t “someone think of the poor wealthy corrupt corporations trying to cheat?”

That’s the FOX TP crowd’s war cry? Along with “Screw the poor & middle class”?

I believe we have just entered the atmosphere of “Planet Disco Crazy As All Fuck”

Hypocrisy is the simplest form of seeing a really stupid bad argument

Have a day!

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