Welp, there goes your Wrestling crowd vote buddy

(You love my sexy boa, no?)

Then again, I’m assuming the entire Tea Party is their base audience

It’s sort of like losing your ex-wifes love & support. Not very shocking

He said on FOX & Friends “I was a big Obama supporter and kinda,

(How’s that reality show?)

like, believed everything he said he was gonna do

Now that nothing’s happened…and he used my music”

Then in usual Hulkster fashion says “I should be president”

Yes Hulk, now you turn the army into all your personal Hulk-a-maniacs

(He’ll shill for asbestos)

FOX & Friends has a new segment called “The President’s a cock bag because…”

Classy, like someone taking a dump in your house & missing the toilet

Have a weekend!

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