Tea Party guy Hank Williams Jr. appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday

He was asked “Who do you like?” for his Republican presidential pick

(Jazz hands)

He said “Nobody”, then unprovoked quickly pivots to Obama

It’s honestly one of the most weird, uncomfortable clips I’ve ever seen

It looks like a guy either high as all fuck, or whacked out on goofy gas

He said this about Obama playing golf with house speaker Jon Boehner:

“It’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu”

(Woot, good one!)

Brain Kilmeade says, “I don’t understand the analogy actually”

When you lose the pro-Republican Obama bashing cast, that’s one thing

But when you get called out lacking simple logic by people who rarely use it

That’s another. He said “both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole”

Um, no they wouldn’t dumbass. They’d try to choke each other to death

(Facts are stupid)

If you had Hitler high-fiving Mussolini or HiroHito that’d work better

Asked to clarify, Ten Gallon Hat Tony Lama Jr said “They’re the enemy”

Directly adding that by “They” he meant Obama and Joe Biden

Then called em, “The three Stooges!”, & Killmead says, “That’s only two”

(You’re still doing it)

ESPN pulled his Monday Night Football intro song last night

He didn’t apologize, in fact he came out defending his comments

Till he figured ESPN might dump him so he said “sorry if I offended anyone”

(You’re still doing it)

It seemed rather half-assed when he went on further about Obama/Boehner:

“They’re polar opposites…they don’t see eye-to-eye & never will”

That’s the “can do” American spirit. “Fuck off darkie, let America burn!”

It’s like the towns people from Blazing Saddles are still alive today


Williams said he has “always respected the office of the president”

Really, what changed then? What’s different then about this guy?

Let’s put this in context. The Dixie Chicks said this about Bush

“We’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas”

They were blasted, taken off radio, stuff was burned, & blackballed

Let that sink in in order to understand today’s conservative TP mind

(TP Jesus)

*Holds out hands as scale*

“Ashamed” is now equal or worse than “Hitler” & “The Enemy”

He clearly loves this country…because our sitting president is Hitler

He loves singing in front of the flag as patriotic pro-America hero

Who thinks the president & VP are enemies who commit genocide

Oh, that makes sense to an insane person with nothing valid to say

They changed the MNF intro adding new lyrics Hank likes better:

(It’ll be good!)

Welcome to the party, rowdy Tea Bagging friends,
A Presidential Bashing on Fox & Friends!
The hating of the week, is about to ignite
Time to kick a Kenyan out who just ain’t white
The pressure is rising, grab a gun real tight
We’re gonna blow the fucking White House up tonight
Get Ready!
C’mon & get ready
I mean really ready
Are you ready for some Hitler?
A Socialist ass kicking party
White House I’m a mockin’, let’s get it kick started
Launch this hate, raise the roof, that’s right
All my Tea Bagging friends are here on Monday right?

Then again, the dude loves Sarah Palin so consider the source

Have a day!

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