What Fu#king Planet Is This?!?!

September 13th, 2011

The sickest part of last nights Republican Tea Party debate?

(Spot the tokens)

Wolf Blitzer, who sounds like either a powerful defensive end

Or a guy shooting animals from a chopper from CNN asked:

If a healthy 30 year old man doesn’t buy health insurance

Doesn’t have it, but then gets very sick and needs treatment

Who will pay for him to receive any?

(Shame on you for asking ?’s)

Paul: “He should do what ever he wants to do. My advice is get a plan”

Translation-“I got mine, sucks to be you. You’re on your own”

Wolf Blitzer: “Should society just let him die?”

Right then an audience member yells out: “Yeah”

(Found the a-hole, what do I win?)

Followed by a louder happier: “Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

Followed by group laughter

(Mother fuc…)

So like Jesus, sooooooooooooo like Jesus

Clearly the respect for life starts at conception, then ends at birth

Their new motto is “Once you suck air, we just don’t care”

(Over this height, we don’t care)

I think I totally understand today’s Tea Party Libertarians

See, when anyone else hits hard times, has accidents, or needs help

They “didn’t plan for it” & it “was their own fault”, so they don’t deserve help

But, when it happens to THEM it’s a SPECIAL situation which deserves help

After all, they’re not like those OTHER losers who need help. They’re special!

(Nice hypocrisy)

Always loved the “Heads I win, tails you lose” logic fallacy

It woulda been interesting to see these selfish yahoo’s around during WWII

They’d scream, “Can’t just the minorities FIGHT this thing?

America’s shared sacrifice and unity is someone else’s job”

Have a day!

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