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He wants to lay us down and make sweet angry Texas love to us (“Just you & me baby!”) This comes after two years ago when he hated us, & tried to dump us You remember, when he wanted to “Secede from the US”? (Rick Perry’s USA) I guess he has a Brokeback Mountain relationship […]

But clearly doesn’t know what the fuck that is Compromise is when two people both give up things they want to achive a goal Let’s see. How did your “Healthcare compromise” work? (Oh shit, I know how this goes) Oh right, it didn’t. We got a watered down turd with no single payer While insurance […]

You might want to get that checked out Conservatives voted for Michelle Bachmann Turner Moron Drive (This “Liberal lying paper” is true!) Ron Paul was in second, which is actually refreshing Even though when you enact Libertarian ideas it’d be lawless anarchy insanity (Never ask, just take) Tim Pawlenty dropped out, & you could get […]

Thanks Iowa, it’s time for the straw poll…filled with straw men (Not that kind!) When you have a weak crop of Republican candidates to choose from You get really cheap stupid soundbites from grossly unqualified people Shit, the entire thing looked like the set of Jepordary (We don’t know things) Without the intelligence. Let me […]

Suck It Taliban!

August 11th, 2011

International forces killed the Taliban insurgents doucheholes Who were responsible for shooting down our U.S. helicopter (Good times!) That sadly killed 38 U.S. and Afghan forces over the weekend They’re still seeking the top insurgent they were going after when hit (RIP Sgt. Adan Gonzales) You can run, but you can’t hide! Wait, you got […]

And the Tea Party is dancing. Wisconsin recalls only changed two seats (No historical facts, or reality) Two Democrats were elected, but one short of taking back the legislature To stop Walker & the Tea Party’s union busting agenda BUT, Republican Sen. Dale Schultz voted AGAINST Walker & doesn’t like him (Didn’t see that one) […]

You have Tea Turds & Republicans blaming Obama for our lower credit rating If you read me regularly, I far from defend Obama’s actions; often But that’s like a drunk driver blaming a “house” for jumping out at them (Classic) These insane baby’s make me way more defensive than I’d normally be Our rating is […]

A hooker in a Vegas cab A fat clumsy kid on ice skates A the temperature in a butchers freezer. ZING! (“With one eye it’s only half bad”) It’s a big sell off. The bad kind. The “my 401(k) is now 401(Fucked)” kind At one point during the day it dropped 500 plus points again […]

When the “Heel” tries to become the “Face” (I kick your crotch!) Who knew New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the voice of reason? Turns out he doesn’t like the fear mongering about Muslims & Sharia Law (“I will eat your baby”) “This Sharia law business is crap. It’s just crazy And I’m tired of […]


August 4th, 2011

House Republican’s blocked funding to the Federal Aviation Administration THEN went on fucking vacation. Yippie! But why did they do this? Welp, Republican Orin Hatch thinks: (I’ll steal your soul!) “I’ve been asked to stop it. You have labor regulators out of control” Then you have Eric Cantor on FOX news lying through his teeth: […]

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