You might want to get that checked out

Conservatives voted for Michelle Bachmann Turner Moron Drive

(This “Liberal lying paper” is true!)

Ron Paul was in second, which is actually refreshing

Even though when you enact Libertarian ideas it’d be lawless anarchy insanity

(Never ask, just take)

Tim Pawlenty dropped out, & you could get deep fried butter on a stick

Journey front man Steve Perry’s older brother Rick threw his hat in the ring

“(That’s it, feel the arteries harden”)

With a loud “Let’s all pray away the gay get the Jesus Freak vote” thud

It’s basically a fundraiser for the Republican party that started in 1977

And has only been right ONCE in 1999 when George W. Bush won

(…to quit)

Yeah, way to go Iowa conservatives, how’d that one turn out?

The 2011 Chicago White Sox Are “Brokeback Mountain”

Every time they lose 6 games in a row, you think you’re out

But then they rip off a 6 game win streak, to pull you back in

(Wait, that’s a different film)

What the hell? They’re Brokeback Mountain: “I just can’t quit you”

But you watch, if they drop past 7 games from the lead

I’ll quit em faster than filter-less cigarettes

If they lose

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