You have Tea Turds & Republicans blaming Obama for our lower credit rating

If you read me regularly, I far from defend Obama’s actions; often

But that’s like a drunk driver blaming a “house” for jumping out at them


These insane baby’s make me way more defensive than I’d normally be

Our rating is the fault of ignorant children screaming “No debt ceiling raise!”

Republicans got exactly what they wanted according to top leadership

(Orange skin)

Wall Street seizes up, our credit rating gets drops, & markets panic

Now they shout, “We didn’t do this, it’s all Obama’s fault we lost our rating!”

*Cue the Disney movie preview record scratch*

You are serial lying insane economic & historical morons who’d fuck up a junkyard

(Not all, but many)

You’re not soulless asshole idiots. You need a soul to begin with

That me make this very clear to everyone out there

BOTH parties to blame. Flat out. But not equally. Let me explain

This is like what my parents told me when I started living in the city

They said, “Don’t leave your leather jacket on the back seat in plain sight

Tuck it away, or put it in the trunk of your car. That way no one see’s it


Sure it takes you a little more time, but then you’ll still have it

Never give a thief cause, because then they’ll bust in & take it”

In this analogy, I’m Obama/Democrats, the coat’s our credit rating

And the thief is Republicans: I go to meet some friends at a bar

But left my jacket on the back seat of the rental like a fidiot

(Captain Caver)

Which as you can guess, was in plain sight for anyone passing by to clearly see

*Window shattered, coat stolen along with some CD’s*

Boom! Game over, thanks for playing. But I agree, it IS partially my fault

I should’ve been careful knowing how things like this happen. Bad on me

But my blame in this doesn’t somehow magically excuse the fucking THIEF


Life is complex. There are degrees of fault. I’m 50% at fault. They’re 100%

That’s a pretty big fucking difference to me and other rational people

*Shakes head in sadness*

Many Republicans only see in black & white with ZERO nuance or reality

(or spelling skills)

And most Democrats could talk their way out of a pay raise & blow job

All in the same sentence. And we really do deserve better than that

Have a day!

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