Worried For Lady Gaga…

June 16th, 2011

If she doesn’t get more exposure, her career’ll never “take off”

(“You win Mr. Pin”)

Poor girl. Maybe she should release albums “between” her already hurried albums

Or have a “tour” during her “$130 Per Ticket Tour”

She’s more exposed than Weiner’s wenis


While she’s very fun, flavors come and go

Only the business moguls have staying power

If Newt Gingrich Robbed A Bank

The teller couldn’t identify him

(“I’m gonna Twitter my junk next”)

Sadly, Newt is about as popular as styling gel at a bald man’s convention

He demanded an apology from NBC

For reporting that his campaign woes were related to his wife’s involvement

(Barbie “crazy eyes”)

He’s right, we all know his campaign woes are directly related to him

John “Edward Penis Face”

Speaking of douche pricks who ditched their cancer ridden wives…

Nice mug shot “smirky”

(Ever the douche politician)

This guy’s gonna get passed around like weed at a Jimmy Buffet concert

And he going down faster than an airplane with no wings

ALSO, Weiner softens. He’s GONE. More tomorrow…

Have a day!

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