On Monday, Walker rejected a personal meeting with Democratic senators

They suggested they all meet at the boarder in a letter he received…

scott-walker-with-the-letter.jpg(I can’t read things)

Walker basically told them all to all fuck themselves

“For us to move forward, we need reasonable and responsible officials,” governor said. “This letter is absolutely ridiculous. He[Miller]is the person standing in the way”

Translation: “Come here, so I can ram this BS legislation up your ass

I’m not listening to anything you Dumb-o-craps say

No compromise ever with you, so suck it”

scott-walker-bummed-cu.jpg(“Why don’t people like me?”

Walkers right!

“Let’s crush the Teachers unions collective bargaining rights

Gut education funding, and gut entitlement programs

While doling out $152 million in tax cuts”

scott-walker-now-you-have-cooties.jpg(Now u got negotiation cooties)

This guy’s like a bath tub fart

Lots of noise, something surface bubbling, then a big stink

The definition of compromise means Walker must give too

He’s made it clear he won’t

That’s rational if you’re an 80’s movie bully villain

swwep-the-leg.jpg(Sweep the leg)

This marks the end of this turds career, book it

What Does It Take To Get…

Thrown off a TV show now-a-days?!?!

Murder a co-star, have sex with the body and wear the carcass?

They finally “booted” Sheen…

Tiger blood? No, more like Panther Piss

Have a day!

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