Votey Vote Voterson!

November 2nd, 2010

It’s that time of year…

take-note-america.jpg(Vote schomote)

When adults use high school names for the “write-in candidate name”

I can see tomorrows headline now: “Haywood Jablome Wins In Landslide”…

We also have Mike Hunt, Allota Fagina, Hugh Jass, Dick Head, or Oliver Clothesoff

hugh-jass.png(Simpson’s reference)

Just do it, voting is sexy. And it’s cooler than an igloo on an iceberg

You can track what’s going on right here at 538

It also makes your penis bigger if you’re a guy, and vagina smaller if your a girl

It cures cancer, helps orphans, stops irritable bowel syndrome, and let’s you fly

the-young-ones.jpg(Or watch The Young One’s)

Voting can do anything. Except vote…on itself

Have a day!

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