Jokebrook Illinois

September 30th, 2010

When you think of Fireman, what comes to mind?

Heroic? Brave? Hunks in calendars with a hose for a penis metaphor?

sexyfireman.jpg(“Oh, I didn’t notice you there”)

Sure it does, but you’re all wrong…

Oakbrook resident Connie Xinos wants to put the “fire” back in Firemen…

il-oak-brook-connie-xinos1.jpg(I hate everything)

At a Citizens Finance Advisory Committee meeting

He thinks fire fighters cost too damn much, so they should fire em

It’s fun to “axe” one fireman a month until unions “get the message”

mr-t-biography.jpg(Jibber Jabber)

To replace them, try contract hires. A “temp” fire force

Listen here

“Fireman, like cops are street people. They only understand civilized force”

fuck_you.jpg(Sit & spin buddy)

I just puked in my mouth. If I was sitting across from Mr. Potter I’d be in jail

For manslaughter & I’d be missing a shoe up in his lower intestine

He figures “Fuck em, starve the unions out killing off their families…

fireman-fighting-blaze.gif(Yeah, what an easy job)

By the time they sue us, they’ll have lost everything with their kids homeless”

“Connie” also wanted to have a national “Kick A Puppy in The Face” Day

Followed up by a “Punching The Elderly In The Throat” month

If you know anyone in Oakbrook, or the Citizens Finance Advisory Committee

Send Connie a nice letter, or message, or flaming bag of dog shit on his stoop

Have a day!

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