Youth In Revolt…

September 24th, 2010

Youth in sucked…

youth-in-revolt.jpg(Tried, but failed)

It’s one of those flicks where you know the maker said “I love Wes Anderson…

And I’m gonna set out to make a movie with his style”

Then fucked it up badly…

So badly that you start punching yourself half way through

punching-self-in-the-face.jpg(Didn’t see it coming from myself)

Mostly because you think you deserve it for keeping it on play

I’m harsh, I know. But watch the 1st 25 minutes, and tell me I’m wrong

I’m sorry you had to punch yourself in advance

And for any holes in your drywall from banging your head…

Parents Freakout On Sesame Street

For a skit Katy Perry did with Elmo cause she was wearing this

katy-perry-sesame-street.jpg(Screw Elmo, John like)

That’s shocking…

By “shocking”

I mean “Not remotely bad cause kids see worse on the streets & in commercials”

I can’t wait until these uptight freaks try to ban Bert in a Speedo…

Have a day!

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