How do we know?

glenn-beck-at-his-gay-ass-rally.jpg(“Hold me, I’m melting”)

Cause Glenn Beck said “I have a big fat mouth sometimes and I say things”

How wise. He’s like a loud, goofy, insane, stupid version of Obi Wan Kenobi…

obi-wan-snuggie.jpg(Use the fork!)

When asked if he regrets calling Obama a racist he said, “I don’t want to retract…I want to amend that I think it is much more of a theological question”. Ah yes way to go injecting religion into a situation where it was just a matter of you lying saying something really fucking stupid where it doesn’t belong Glenny & the Jets…

He went on to say, “He is a guy who understands the world through liberation theology-which is oppressor and victim. Racist was, first of all, shouldn’t have been said. It was poorly said”. Um, how exactly does one “poorly” call someone a “racist”?

glenn-beck-super-asshole-man.jpg(It’s “Dipshit Theater”)

You either DO or you DON’T. He did, then can’t even apologize correctly

He acts as if there is a “better” more “subtle” way of saying racist

Glenn Beck-Trying to lower the IQ of American’s, one point at a time

Everytime Beck speaks, all I hear is circus music mixed with farts…

Have a day!

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