A Well-Hung Parliment!

May 7th, 2010

Naw, I’m just pulling your Clegg…


Zing! Wang! Zong!

Conservative leader David Cameron “claimed the right” to govern Britain, appealing to the center-left Liberal Democrats on Friday to join him in forming this new government and attempting to calm financial markets as they jump

parliment-guy.jpg(“I claim me to be awesome!”)

Didn’t know you “claim” elections like land from the movie Far And Away

far_and_away_ver1.jpg(Claim it sucker!)

With five seats left to report, the Conservatives had 36% support, compared to 29% for Labour and 23% for the Liberal Democrats. Wait, you just “claim” things now?

Why not claim spandex is fashionable, he’s Batman, or owns a house on the moon?

Can he claim to have invented the Flowbee hair cutting system?

flowbee-hair-cutting-system.jpg(It cuts AND sucks)

Cool, then I “claim” sex tonight. Hopefully with a partner this time…

Have a day!

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