FOX And The FEMA Hound

May 5th, 2010

Oh, so now according to FOX and there lil buddy FEMA Fuck-up Michael Brown…

michael-browns-defense.jpg(I love black people Kayne)

Obama, and his administration somehow created the oil leak

It’s totally true, all they had to do was…

-Get BP to uncap the oil rig going totally against their own self-interest for profits
-Let loose billions of dollars worth of product that they might not get back
-Cause billions in damages to the ecosystem, and other states business
-Lose massive profits
-Sabatoge the entire rig ruining the cap making it unable to stop
-Ignore your new position on supporting off-shore drilling

michael-brown.png(Matthews isn’t buying it)

All in order to push a clean agenda showing how oil is bad? OoooooooooooooK…

Interesting theory if you’re totally nucking futs. Horse judging slowing down dude?

head-up-ass.gif(Brown file photo)

You’re doin’ a heckuva job Brownie…

At having your head so far up your ass while still talking…

It’s Sinko De Mayo

In 1912 the Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Company was shipping 12,000 jars from England to Vera Cruz, Mexico. On the first leg of the journey, it was cargo on the Titanic which sunk. This devastated Mexicans looking to zest up their rat sandwiches…

sinko-de-mayo.jpg(Sink sandwiches!)

From then on it was known as Sinko De Mayo

Another little slice of history about today, in Michoacan Mexico on May 5th, 1983 the entire city decided not to wear deodorant for an entire week leading up to the date…

smelly.jpg(Oh the funk)

That event was also kindly known as “Stinko De Mayo”

Have a day!

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