Happy Almost Turkey Lurky Day!

November 26th, 2008

I drew these hand turkeys for you. Normally they suck, but these turned out alright…

hand-turkeys.jpg(Where’s the “cut off in traffic” hand?)

Face it, we’re getting fat in the next three days, so I say embrace it…

Here are some helpful tips when at the table:

-Wear sweat pants
-Instead of a spoon, use a shovel
-When asking for wine, say, “I’ll have the bottle”
-If you can see any part of your plate during the entire meal, you’re not trying
-At the end make sure to burp, fart, and slap your stomach loudly. Do not shit yourself!
-Afterwards politely ask, “Where’s your Vomitorium?”

When your host corrects you explaining a Vomitorium is really a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre, through which crowds “spewed out” at the end of a performance, just say, “Fine, I’ll puke in the coat room”…

Fiddlehead Restaurant In Chicago

Speaking of food, I went to the coolest, nicest, hippest joint last night to nibble on food before the show. It’s called the Fiddlehead Cafe on 4600 N Lincoln, and it kicks the ass off a donkey…

Their website

Had the butternut squash soup. I hate fu-fu crap, and she-she stuff. It was flat out great! They also have cheese plates. I’m a guy so having “Booze and Cheese” at a place? Hell, I live for that shit. I also made an ass out of myself by asking the wonderful waitress, “What’s your crack dujour?”.

splash_home_2.jpg(It’s “classy” comfort food)

Get reservations, it gets crowded…

Back To Work…

For all five hours. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

comp4.jpg(They have F1, why not FU?)

Show tonight, but not on Thanksgiving. Go have a day!

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