I Give You…Mr. Meh

April 3rd, 2012

The Republican party treats Romney like an average movie review

“Meh, it was OK. Should of had more car explosions & stuff I guess”


He will get the nomination. He’s a mathematical lock, but then why

Are Frothy, Potato Head, & Mr. Consistent still in it? Oh, that’s easy

Money, money, money. They can raise it, or can sell their delegates


The modern Republican party has fully circled the drain. It’s all over

Either in person/on-line this is the average political discourse today:

Tea Party Republican: “Obama’s X”
Progressive Democrat: “What specifically makes you say that?”
TPR: “Cause it’s true”
PD: “But you stated no facts or reasoning”
TPR: “I don’t need facts when I just know it. If you can’t see it, you’re
a stupid blind Obumer puppet jagoff Commie lacking common sense”
PD: “Insults, really?”
TPR: “Obama’s not one of us, he wasn’t born here; he’s UnAmerican”
PD: “Oh, so you’re a bigoted racist”
TRP: “Up yours lying liberal race baiter; you’re the racist!”

Rinse wash repeat. It’s all so sad, & could be the lowest point in history

(“Even I’m bored with me”)

I remember when we could openly exchange ideas and listen to others

Meh, then again maybe that was only in our history books or my dreams

That 70’s Show Fistful Blow

The girl who played Eric Forman’s older sister Laurie on That 70’s Show


Was arrested for spousal abuse. Actually “corporal injury upon a spouse”

Wait, she beat up Kelso? Oh, no…just her husband. She chucked her life

(Shouda seen it coming)

Away with booze & serious drugs. She was fired from the show a while ago

And had other brushes with law. The worst part is she now looks like this:

(Bug eyes)

Ahhhhhhhhh put it back, it’s not done yet. Those eyes, those big crazy eyes

She’s nuttier than Payday candy bar. Hope she gets help. I don’t think I can

Take another mug shot. I might just “fear shit” my pants by then. Not good

Have a day!

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