“A Fucking Liar”…

September 4th, 2018

It seems as the entire Kavanaugh confirmation

theater show of Partisan Dumbfuckery is going

(He’s got it)

on; Trump’s cold Cocked yet again in a big new

book by Bob Woodward. John Kelly called him

“An unhinged idiot…….He’s gone off the rails. We
are in Crazytown. I don’t Even Know Why any of
us are here. This is the “worst job” I’ve ever had”

Oh, it’s not Remotely Done there. James “Mad

Dog” Mattis said he had The Understanding of

a “fifth- or sixth-grader”. Wait, we’re not done

yet. Cohn Called Trump “A professional liar” &

said “This is Treason” after his Support of KKK

‘Hate’ in Charlottesville. Oh, And Former White

(No shit)

House attorney Dowd, Called Him, “A Fucking

liar”, Stating, He Would End Up in An “Orange

jump Suit” if He “Testified” to Mueller. Oh and

Mueller knows ALL Of This. As All Of This was

unfolding Today, TeaOP’ers in power were just

trying to Shove SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh

through Without Debate. That will not stand &

with that attempt; It’s time to BLOCK this guy

Call your reps, speak up and make your voices

heard. Dumpin 42,000 pages of review docs in


front of the Dems. This is a “partisan plan” & it

backfired Badly. Do Not ‘ALLOW’ This Fraud On

He Will “Strip Away” LBGT Rights, End abortion

and “fuck up our country” for the next 30 years

NOTE: Trump Racists “Take” to Burning Nike Shit They
Already Bought / Own Cause “Racist ‘Merica!”. Wow Its
Always Amazing, To See Morons Being Morons & Really
HELPING Nike “Promote” Their Products. Ha Ha Fidots!!
NOTE II: Kavanaugh Snubs Parkland Father At Hearing
And The Polls Suggest He’s So Borked Or Harriet Miers

Have a day!

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