Kansas Republican Kris Kobach’s Lead Over

Kansas Republican Gov Jeff Colyer has now

(We Know)

“shrunk” to 91 votes triggerin’ an automatic

recount. So, much, Winning! He is Trumpys

guy. Forget Ohio’s 12th ‘District’ Is Also Still

counting all Their Votes With Another Super

close race. None of this shit means Anything

unless You ALL VOTE! Vote, vote, vote, vote

Speakin’ of “people who are royally screwed”

Paul Manafort Looks like he Will Be Dying In

jail At this point. This trial isn’t Going well at


all. And while is happening, Cohen’s also just

about to be “going down”. Right after R- N.Y

Chris Collins Was Just “indicted” For “Insider

trading”. Ooooooops. Get a fucking clue folks

Republicans today ARE the Swamp & Always

were. Sure some Democrats do as well which

is utterly Disgusting & Called Out here. See I

am consistent in my views. Sadly this swamp

is filled to the Brim With Trumpers today and

(“Oh shit!”)

we must make sure This Shit is Drained once

and for all. Only we can end It together. Vote

NOTE: Pure ‘Fucking Evil’ Of Racist African American
Punks Attacked A 71 year old Sikh man. It Turns Out
The Disgusting POS Kid, Is The Son Of A Police Chief
Forget they don’t even know the Religious Difference
A Muslim Vs Sikh. It Shouldn’t ‘Matter’, Their Hate Is
What Guided Their ‘Assault’, Not Rational Judgement

Have a day!

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