Cohen Busted, Again…

May 14th, 2018

It seems these days Michael Cohen is in deeper

trouble with every passing day. Stormy Daniels

(Oh Shit!)

lawyer Michael Avenatti warned Cohen/Trump

endless times after bein’ publicly attacked and

Lied About /Maligned /Abused. Well, Turns out

he Released Public Pictures Of Cohen & Qatari

banker Ahmed Al-Rumaihi Meeting For a bribe

Oooooooooooops. The Walls are closing in and

it’s almost All over. Trumps Fighting & losing a

War, Being Lost On THREE Fronts. Mueller, his

old fixer Cohen’s clear guilt ensnaring him and

(We Know)

overt “Obstruction” that Will Surly End Them All

Melania Trump, has kidney problems which also

are being treated. Good!!! After all, she is just a

a Victim, of Orange Cheeto Dialysis. Tickity tock

Seconds until she divorces & takes half?! 3, 2, 1

NOTE: Israel, Is Now Simply A Terrorist Group And
The Entire White House. Hamas Attacked No One &
They Were Slaughtered, Bombed & Sniped To Death
Because…Well, It Appears¬†Palestine Isn’t Allowed To
Even Exist According To These Sociopaths Ahhh, No
It’s SO Sad, War Crimes And Unacceptable Pure Evil
Hamas, Is Not A Peace Group At All. But When Folks
Protest Taking Their Land Away & Then BOMB Them,
It Is Israel, Who Kills Them Daily. How Many Of The
Israeli’s died??! NONE. NOT ONE. This Is Pure HATE
RIP: Margot Kidder Passed Away At 69. She Was So
Great in Superman, And Dealt With Crippling Mental
Illness. May She “Rest In Peace” Now And Be Happy

Have a day!

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