With all Walls legally Closing in on Trump why not

royally fuck up our “Iran Deal” because a Fat, thin

(“I know nothing”)

skinned Cheeto Hates All things Obama no matter

if they worked/were good? In Attempting To Undo

this, Trump lied, Claiming This would Ensure Iran

would not ever get A Nuclear Weapon. Ahhhhh no

you fucking moron, This Deal DID that. Without it

this becomes an “Arms Race” of Nuclear Weapons

with Iran. Exponentially worse & seems 2 indicate

Trump/Bolton are Eying War with Them. Ohhhhhh

shit. Speakin’ of “Shit Dictators Do”; Trump wants

to take away press credentials of anyone critical of

(Sure is, fraud)

him……….yet again. No you would be Tiny fingered

Asshole Bully. We Have Freedom Of The Press And

if you want to “Fight” the Courts, Citizens, our First

Amendment, And, The Entire Country For Violating

our Constitution……..proceed. Oh, hey, didn’t notice

If you were Paying Attention Or Not, But the Issues

of Michael Cohen are getting Worse by the day. See

turns out, he got Paid A LOT of $ from Russian and

many other companies in a clear “pay 2 play” scam

(Before) (After)

Ooooooooooops. Trump Has Got Mueller coming &

now Cohen will Be Crippling Him at the State Level

with his case. Trump/Crew are all fucked. Tick tock

NOTE: Racist KKK Fraud, Who Fired A Gun At Their
‘Horribly Evil Violent Racist Rally’, In Charlottesville
Was Charged Facing Up To 10 Years In Prison Ahem
How does he/any KKK racists have access To Guns?
They’ve Shown, They Are Willing To Murder Quickly
And Are Admitted Domestic Terrorists Unacceptable

Have a day!

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