John McCain does not want Trump at his Funeral

In Fairness, no one really does cause he will grab

(Sad, but still bad)

all the women there by Their Pussies. McCain, in

his “I know I am getting close to Dying so let me

Change My Bad Record” attempt Disowns all shit

Trump…..yet Voted YES on ACA repeal & his Tax

Cuts. He wants to “Vote” for the Horrific shit, but

then be Forgiven by History for this. Nope, this is

yet Another Political Shallow Gesture from a man

who helped unleash Sarah Palin on us. Well in all

fairness Both He & MSNBC’s Steven Schmidt. So,

there’s that. The NRA just picked Oliver North as

(& 5th, I’ll plead it)

their President. Was Ted Nugent busy or in Jail?!?

Meh, if Anyone Knows about illegal Weapon sales,

it’s this “Convicted Felon” from Reagan’s late 80’s

Just went you Think the NRA can’t Sink Any lower

than This?!?! Oh Boy, The Entire Republican Party

is toast In runnin’ racists, nazi’s and hate Oooops

NOTE: Melania Trump Wants You To Know “Be Best”
By Missing The Words…..”The”, “Person”, or “Birther”
It’s Like The Hulk, Is Her New Spokes-Person Ugggh
If She Wants 2 Stop Cyber Bullyin’ Start With Donny

Have a day!

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