Turns out the “Shooter” was a crazy lady

pissed At YouTube For Them “Censoring”


her Content and Dropping her Ads from

her channel. Pissed, yes. Shoot up a lot

of innocent People?!?! Fuck no. Nothing

in this world is worth That shit. It’s nuts

And her family “reported” her missin’ to

cops Who Found Her THAT morning and

right BEFORE The Shooting. Then Those

Cops let her go Thinking nothing was so

wrong. Ooooooooooops. Her family said

she was very “upset” and might even go

(Won’t Show Her)

to YouTube. Ding, Ding, Ding! That Is a

large warning sign there. They did nada

Speaking of Walking into Horrible Traps

seems Trump Is Getting His Fat Orange

Anus ‘Slow Played’ Hard By Mueller. Ha!

He is getting Trump To feel like he’s not

a “Target” of the investigation. Ha ha ha

nice move! Trust your “Smarts” Trumpy

After all he’s “Like a smart guy”. Oh like

(“Ya fucked son!”)

a guy about to Purger Himself and go to

jail. Ask any lawyer, it is Very Bad news

NOTE: Election Upset, Democrat ‘Wins’ In
A State Supreme CourtContest In The Red
State Of Wisconsin. She Got All Of The Big
Areas From Rural, Urban, Suburban To Ex
Suburban Signaling Big Problems This Fall
NOTE II: Judge Really “Scolds” Manafort’s
Lawyer Saying, “I Don’t Really Understand
What Is Left Of Your Case”. She Tore In-to
Him So Badly, There Might Be Nothin’ Left

Have a day!

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